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How is payment made?
Tonkin Buy Center gives you a certified bank check.

What vehicles do you buy?
We buy the vast majority of vehicles. If you’re unsure about yours, just ask!

What if I still owe money on my vehicle?
No problem! We’ll contact your lender to calculate the remaining balance and cut them a check. If your vehicle’s value is more than what you owe, we’ll cut you a check for the difference. If it’s less, then you will be responsible for the remainder.

How long will my online appraisal remain valid?
Offers are honored for up to 3 business days. Afterwards, we may need to reappraise your vehicle.

When will I get my check?
If we have all the paperwork we need, the same day!

What if I don’t have the title in hand?
In most cases, this isn’t an issue! We have a solution for nearly every scenario.

Where are you located?
The Tonkin Buy Center is located at 203 NE 122 nd Ave Portland, OR 97230 for your convenience.

How long does the process take?
If you make an appointment, you will have an offer within 45 minutes or less. We gladly accommodate walk in’s, but the process may take longer if our technician is occupied.

Can you come appraise my car my house?
Contact us! Special accommodations can be made.

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